how to spot chinese sellers on amazon

Depending what you're buying really. It's legally required on packaging. And to make this worse when I then go to other local stores I'm told the same thing, Target, Walmart this is where we are at and what we're left with. These people are users. Once one of them figured out a QC sticker makes us think there's quality control, they all started sticking them on there. For our little experiment, let’s go with coffee makers. It is cheaper to ship an item all the way across the sea to a US consumer’s address versus shipping from one US address to another US address! Unscrupulous sellers employing fake reviews and selling counterfeit products help neither customers or well-behaved sellers. David Bryant. I was a Top 1000 Amazon reviewer (I've dropped to 1,200 since giving up on Amazon), and for 2 years I've been bombarded daily with requests from the Chinese to "honest review" their crap. Because there are rarely consequences for selling fakes, beyond a seller … In fact, it is estimated that there are over 200,000 Chinese businesses currently selling on Amazon and this number is only expected to rise. Amazon is an enormous marketplace, with departments from home and garden to automotive and industrial. Amazon website is full of counterfeits sold by china sellers. Amazon and ebay seem to have a much better interest in China then anyone else. However, seller interests and customers are also frequently aligned. via amazon… Amazon has become the seedy Dollar Store of online retailers, and I'm done with it. Brings a twinkle to my eye knowing that some poor soul will have back spasms for the rest of their life from fulfilling 1m orders in 24 hours, While the box on the tv is smiling and grandma is opening up the knockoffs. Fake review services, normally from China, aggressively solicit Amazon sellers, even from within Amazon’s Seller Central platform. There is also no shortage of online marketers selling this dream. I was glad to come across this post, but this is just the tip of the iceberg; the Chinese have destroyed Amazon, just like they did to eBay. Do you have any contacts of Amazon insiders who will delete bad reviews for payment? Monoprice was safe, but now they're putting their name on Chinese crap. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. I always remember when items had the made in Gr Britain on. They want to do things in the right way and they’re working from 9 am – 9 pm, 6 days a week to do it”. So a new vendor with fake merchandise has to keep up at least the image of propriety for two weeks before Amazon will release any of the money they’ve “earned.” To forestall customer complaints of missing items, they’ll often set the shipping time for more than the Amazon processing time, i.e., three to four weeks. So it’s no surprise that it’s also one of the most frequently abused tactics by Chinese sellers. Amazon has been making some headway in regards to product liability as well. Not only are they guilty of everything you've mentioned, but they also violate every term of service Amazon has that was supposed to make Amazon the most customer-friendly platform. About half of our members are not from America (including me :)). On a product page, look in the area just below the “Add to Cart” and “Buy Now” buttons. lmao. Reviews go in the tank and then spin up the next brand that even sounds sketchy af. He sold his multi-million dollar ecommerce business in 2016 and create another 7-figure business within 18 months. As Zach described to me, “To many Chinese Amazon sellers, the question of how to succeed on Amazon has a simple answer: reviews equal sales”. Thank you Hamza for the great insight from someone who obviously has a lot of experience! Malicious sellers have figured out that Vendor Central clients, i.e. I think it was Kevin King that mentioned, no listing above 10000 BSR is at risk of being hijacked or screwed with, but I wonder whether that's going to change. For example, when Amazon started operation “Panda” in 2015, the number of Chinese sellers more than doubled that year resulting in over 20% revenue growth for Jeff Bezos. If you’re an Amazon customer, have you ever experienced fake reviews or counterfeit products? As has been pointed out, there are few consequences for breaking the TOS, and what consequences there are are merely looked on as obstacles to overcome. Here’s how to spot them. The chair I'm sitting in. Amazon recently instituted the Project Zero program which gives sellers greater power to remove counterfeit sellers from their listings. Dave Bryant has been importing from China for over 10 years and has started numerous product brands. Nothing and I mean nothing can be shipped from China and delivered to Anywhere, USA within 2-3 days unless you are willing to pay hundreds of dollars for special shipping. This is an issue for all US retailers to compete against because these sellers do not accumulate the US retailers’ business expenses. Amazon’s Heavy Recruitment of Chinese Sellers Puts Consumers at Risk The e-commerce platform has included banned, unsafe, mislabeled products. This disgusts me to no end because Amazon was my go to, and now I can't buy anything from it. Hi Dave, I'm also interested in buying a report. Image credit: Amazon seller forum, Malik Earnest. Not only do those sellers lose their ability to sell on Amazon, but they also lose the ability to sell potentially hundreds of thousands of dollars or even millions of dollars in inventory. Our company (review fraud software) was just hired as an expert witness to appear in court - to show evidence of review fraud by the chinese firm on Amazon. Thank you for publishing this well-written, informative, and thoroughly organized article. Thanks Troy - hopefully Amazon levels the playing field and does something about this type of stuff. You can't even find products available in store, without spending 15 minutes filtering out the pseudo- craigslist garage-sale. Chinese employees will also resell Amazon customer information. Sometimes they’ll simply use random groups of characters, like “aef43tsrf8.” If the name of the vendor is something that looks like it was typed by a drunk monkey, it’s probably fake. By July 18th, will no longer be open to third-party sellers… How do I buy one of these ASIN reports for my own product??

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