complaint about insurance agent

Consumer Complaint Form. Make a copy of your letter and supporting materials. How Do I Find Out My FEMA Registration ID Number? Make a formal complaint in writing to your insurance company to your insurance company's internal ombudsman. Melinda Hill Sineriz has been writing professionally for over 10 years. Before filing a complaint: Important: If you did not live in Nebraska when you purchased the policy, please contact the state in which you lived at the time of purchase. Work with insurance representatives that have been recommended to you by friends or family to lessen your chances of needing to file a complaint. Need help with an insurance question? Reasons for filing a complaint against an agent include the agent misrepresenting himself (for example, saying he has a license to sell stocks when he doesn't), misrepresenting a product and selling a product that isn't appropriate for your financial situation. In general, suing someone for negligence requires you to prove the following elements: You should also contact the insurance company or agency represented by the insurance representative to let it know about your experience. Other information that will help us resolve the matter. FILE AN INSURANCE COMPLAINT BY TELEPHONE. //-->