Nagrody przyznane systemom eBeam

Grudzień 2013
Tech & Learning Magazine’s Award of Excellence


Grudzień 2012
Tech & Learning Magazine’s Award of Excellence – eBeam Connect

Listopad 2012
The 2012 Readers’ Choice Top 100 Products – eBeam Edge

Lipiec 2012
eSchool News Readers’ Choice Awards

Kwiecień 2012
EdTech Digest’s Cool Tool Award – eBeam Edge

Grudzień 2011
Tech & Learning Magazine’s Award of Excellence – eBeam Engage

Listopad 2011
Commercial Integrator BEST Awards at InfoComm 2011 – Chief’s Short-Throw Interactive Wall System

listopad 2011
District Administration’s Top 100 Products Award

Listopad 2011
EdTech Digest’s Cool Tool Award – eBeam Engage

Październik 2011
Scholastic Administrator’s Best in Tech 2011 – eBeam Edge

Lipiec 2011
rAVe Best of InfoComm Award – Chief’s Short-Throw Interactive Wall System

Grudzień 2010
District Administration Readers’ Choice Top 100 Products

Marzec 2010
eBeam Edge –IDEA Awards Finalist

eBeam Edge was chosen as a finalist in the prestigious International Design Excellence Awards (IDEA) competition 2010.

March 2004
eBeam System 3 BT — scored 8.0 out of 10

“One of the major advantages of the eBeam System 3 BT is that it lets you share your data with remote users either within your company intranet or via the Web. Unlike the Mimio Xi, which requires that you use third-party software to do this…”

Nov 2003
Test Drive: eBeam System 3

Imagine plugging a whiteboard into your computer: class notes, diagrams, and even the solutions to math problems can be digitally captured, saved, printed, and shared. The eBeam System 3, a whiteboard presentation system by Luidia, lets you do exactly that.

March 2003
Macworld — Whiteboard Capture Devices

“…the eBeam’s built-in remote-conferencing capability and better markup tools make it our top pick.”

July 2002
Electrifying whiteboards

The Electronics for Imaging eBeam System 3 USB is a compact and attractive device that’s designed to attach to the corner of your whiteboard or even a paper flip chart.

June 2002
Direct Administration Top 100

eBeam System 3 honored by District Administration magazine’s 2002 Top 100 Products Award.
“The hardware’s faster, the software’s better, the Internet’s more in tune with education, and there’s still nothing better than a good book. Welcome to the best products of the year.”

March 2002
TechTV Review: eBeam System 3

Maybe you are looking for a way to digitize whiteboard content or perhaps a technology to extend the physical whiteboard onto the Internet for sharing and/or collaborative efforts. The eBeam System 3 from Electronics for Imaging offers just that.

September 27, 2001
eBeam wins MacWorld’s Best of Show at Seybold SF

eBeam System 1 was honored as “Best of Show” in San Francisco.

June 7, 2000
Boardroom Gadgets

Well now there’s a way to make those meetings a little more /interactive/… bringing everyone’s ideas together onto one virtual whiteboard for all to see.

June 2000
Adobe® ePaper® Center Features — Electronic Whiteboards

Ever looked back on a meeting and wished you’d taken better notes? Or didn’t have to take them at all?

March 6, 2000
Test Drive

The government’s most advanced spy satellite would have trouble beaming the contents of a whiteboard presentation in California to an office in Washington. But when the presenter uses eBeam…

December, 1999
Magic Markers

But the eBeam meeting and teleconferencing software lets you do more than just take notes…